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Main Subjects

Tutorial for Internet beginners: www.bbc.co.uk/webwise/ 

www.thehungersite.com/ Visit this site once a day and click the 'Donate Free Food' button. Sponsors will donate a cup of rice each day you click.

Enter the words you want to search for. Most let you select Any or all words.  
Searching for hotels Madrid:

With and ANY search this will return all the pages containing hotel and Madrid AND all the pages containing hotel only AND all the pages containing Madrid
With an ALL search this will return all the pages containing the words hotel and Madrid only!

Most sites let you use a + and - to indicate if the word should be included:
          hotel +Madrid   only pages containing hotel and Madrid
          biscuit -nut  pages with biscuits but not nut biscuits.    

Others (not Google, Go and Yahoo) use the words AND,  NOT OR: hotel AND Madrid,  biscuit NOT nut, records OR cd

If two words belong together such as Bill Gates but them between quotes: "Bill Gates". The search engines will treat oit as one word rather than also searching for bill (duck's bill, bill of sales) and gates (garden gates)

Go, Lycos and HotBot will let you search within your search results only. For example search for hotel first and then search the resulting pages for Madrid

Always read the help or hints page on a search engine site to see how that particular search engine works. 

In Directories websites are catalogued on the basis of content.

Meta searching; search several in one go:

UK searching:

Business Directories:

Art Galleries and Museums

Business and Financial Services

Business Travel

IT advice for SMEs

Sites for Children

Search engines for kids





Government sites



General Archeology

DIY, models

Photography, filming

Food and Drink





References: dictionaries, languages, encyclopedias



Just a few hints and tips before buying online:

Check out www.hmce.gov.uk/ before buying goods abroad. it gives details on import duty and tax. Use the currency converter on www.xe.net/ucc/ to calculate the price.

Many websites are now starting to carry a Mastercard, Yahoo or AOL  logo.  This means that that site has not attracted many complaints.

Always buy using a credit card, not Debit card!!  If anything goes wrong you can often re-coup your losses from your credit card company. Check this with your own credit card company though. 

Another safeguard against credit card fraud is to have a specially credit card for internet use with a lower limit.  
Some credit cards are now starting to appear with extra internet safeguards build in.  (www.egg.com/ or www.marbles.com/ )

Another safeguard is to deal with companies who will only deliver to the address of the card holder.

Compare prices between British and American sites.  Often items from the American site (for example www.amazon.com/ ) are still cheaper including post and packing than their English sites. (http://www.amazon.co.uk/) Check out www.waterstones.co.uk/ and www.bol.com/ too!








Music, Videos





Travel, holidays. maps, Rail timetables

Use www.netcafeguide.com/ , or www.cyberiacafe.net/cafes to stay in touch with folks back home. 
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